Adult & Adolescent

Individual Therapy

My counseling is specialized to your individual personality and unique needs. By developing goals, looking at the relationships in your life, and being intentional with your time and energy, therapy can inspire the change you've been looking for. Services include anxiety, eating disorders, loss,     depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, work/life balance, and career changes.  

A variety of creative and fun techniques will be used to captivate your child's attention and imagination. During their time with me, they will gain new skills to adapt to issues at home, school, and with their peers. I specialize in issues related to ADHD, social skills, parental changes, bullying, confidence, and talking about feelings.

Changes in the family system can alter our sense of security and how we interact with others. Therapy can provide an unbiased and safe place for a couple or family to process their concerns. Attending therapy as a couple or family can attune its members to the emotional needs of one another and set a more cooperative tone for the process. I provide services for blended families, families that have recently been through divorce, adoption, or families that have been affected by addiction. Pre-marital and marital counseling are available upon request.  

Many people struggle with the anxieties of social interaction and the confidence to alter their behavior after big life changes. Sometimes it takes the added comfort of a supportive and therapeutic individual to ease that transition. Services include, but are not limited to court proceedings, hospital visits, funerals, medical prognosis support, or organization needs.

Join us for a free adult ANAD Group on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm. Contact me to reserve your seat. ANAD is the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc. Check back for additional group options that will be available in the future.